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3D-Printed Rocks Could Change Fracking Practices

The wide spectrum of how 3D printing can influence the world we live in today is incredible.  Not only can we use 3D printers for building cars, organs, little trinkets and doodads, and even SUNGLASSES, but now engineers and scientists are utilizing the versatility of 3D printers to create 3D printed models of rocks.  Now, what is the big deal with 3D printing rocks…OIL!

3D printing rock can revolutionize the oil and gas industry.  These 3D printed models will allow geologists to better study and understand how fluids seep through different types of rock formations.  Oil and gas companies can use the information gathered from these 3D printed models to make the drilling process much more efficient.  This means more $$$ and less damage to the environment.

“3D printing lets geology have lab rats”.  It truly is amazing how a process of creating a 3D model can make all the difference.  Imagine the difference between seeing an image on a computer screen, and getting to play around with an actual 3D printed model of that image.  If 3D printing can enhance the oil and gas industry, just think about how many different industries out there can make their practices better through the use of 3D printing.  The possibilities are endless!


3D Printing and Robots

Image Credits: nbsnews.com
Image Credits: nbsnews.com

Robot Big-Dog ‘learns to keep going on broken leg’

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is part of a group of modern technologies that are being developed at absurd speeds.  Included in this group of emerging technologies is robotics.  Robots, and especially the idea of robots, have been around for quite some time (my parents watched the Jetsons when they were kids…).

Recently, there have been vast advances in the independent intelligence of robots.  Driverless cars are constantly being tested and legislation is being pushed through various countries to allow for their use on public roads.

Technologies do not emerge in a vacuum setting; they are the product of other influences and ideas of the times.   3D printing and robotics will surely have continued influences and coordinated advancements. Maybe there will be driverless vehicles with 3D printing abilities which they use to 3D print structures to fill in potholes!  Imagine a souped up street cleaner that can navigate the streets through GPS and intelligently clean, repair, or investigate all at the same time.   Or imagine an intelligent drone with an integrated 3D printing interface that can fly to hard to reach places and structures that require repairs and inspections.  A 3D printing drone could possibly print circuitry or structural supports that keep the device operational.  Maybe there will be 3D printing capabilities on space exploration robots that can help make new parts and repairs while exploring Mars.



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