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Tech Valley Center of Gravity Is Makin’ Moves

The Tech1406007663_globe Valley Center of Gravity in Troy, New York is a makerspace located in the heart of downtown that has developed into a full fledged incubator in just under a year of operation.  The building provides machinery, software, and other valuable resources to over 30 start-ups in the Troy area.  The space isn’t just used as a workshop; volunteers and members of the organization openly offer feedback and assistance to fellow members that helps expedite the development process for small businesses.   Troy community members now have a known location to meet for collaborative purposes and for fostering innovation.   The co
mpanies see the COG as a great asset to have being that mentorship, access to scarce resources,  and support are so vital to the success of young companies.   Whats better than the COG’s early success is  the founders plan for a big move across the streeslide-image-2t to a more spacious piece of real estate to keep up with demand.

          Stated in the Albany Business Review, “The Center of Gravity’s new program will become fully-operational to the incubator companies and other businesses in the area when construction of the new incubator space is completed in November.”Coblentz plans to move the COG across the street to the Quackenbush Building.  The new and improved spot will allow the COG to grow and extend its reach to the community and the alumni network of nearby Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  This move is expected to occur in November.

Laban Colbentz, Founder of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity
Laban is head of the vibrant new makerspace on 35 4th St, Troy, NY 12180

       Trade Shades had the opportunity to be introduced to Laban Coblentz, COG founder, in the spring of 2013. We were able to spend some time experimenting with the COG 3-D printers.  We personally experienced what a positive impact the COG has for up and coming businesses and saw the growth the of collaboration Coblentz had facilitated to the Troy community.

“The ideas and actions occurring within this community space are an inspiration to many and entrepreneurs from differing backgrounds and interests can benefit from immersion in a growing and creative ecosystem.”  our Co-Founder, Cory Goodenough explained to the Troy Record.   Cory believes that Trade Shades and other companies in the Troy area receive the intangible value of collaboration and the opportunity to help their fellow entrepreneurs.   Clubs have also started to form and meet on a recurring basis at the COG.   For example, the 3-D Printing Syndicate of Albany meets every month to gather those interested in the new wave of industrial and consumer manufacturing.  

You can check out more of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity on their website.